Development Professionals

A team of experts at a company located in Long Island, NY which has been in the IT business for over 30 years. We specialize in building applications from the ground up, working with our clients to figure out their business needs and delivering a product built to maintain decades of usage, upgrades, and changes.

For those interested in the type of technology we use to build our applications, we are mainly a Microsoft, SQL and .NET shop. However, we have team members that can work with many other technologies and languages which have enabled us to create robust applications that extend the functionality of many already existing programs to meet our clients needs.

Close With Our Clients

We have a close relationship with our clients and always provide a quick turnaround on bug fixes and support questions. Many of our clients start with building an application from a business need and wind up utilizing our services for more than what they originally came for. For example, after just building one application we have been tasked to build up to 5 more applications, taken on a sizable mutli-year Business Intelligence Analytics project, assisted with Microsoft Azure migrations, consulted with vendors to choose 3rd party software packages, and provided help in any way possible to keep our clients satisfied with having ipursuit as a partner.

Communication Is Key

Simple misunderstandings in the draft room can sometimes cause major issues when it’s time to lay down the code. Our consultants are great communicators and our goal is to hear your needs, make sure we understand them completely, and then bridge the gap between them and the technology to make it possible. We pride ourselves on trying to keep things simple and make sure everyone in the room is on the same page when developing a new solution. It all starts with reaching out and letting us know what kind of project you have in mind. Visit the Contact Us page and send us a message so we can start working for you.