Customer relationship management (CRM) is a technology for managing a company’s relationships and interactions with customers and potential customers. Our application, Sales Pipeline CRM, is a custom web based solution designed specifically for the logistics industry and includes a mobile site for salespeople to easily access and enter data on-the-go.

Our client was managing all of their CRM data (leads, sales opportunities, products, customer information, user data, etc.) across 100’s of Excel workbooks. They sought a better solution. After researching some popular CRM products on the market they found that their needs were more specific than what most of the generic off-the-shelf solutions were offering, and ultimately decided to contact ipursuit to build a custom system from the ground up.

The initial design of the core system aimed to make data entry a simpler task and centralize the information they had been storing inside the Excel workbooks into one web based application that could be accessed internationally. Along the way, many other helpful features were added. For example, there were a number of reports being generated by hand that would often take hours to create which we automated into one-click output.

The Sales Pipeline CRM system is continually growing and evolving to meet our client’s needs. Another benefit of going with custom software, you tell us what you need and what to to build, every feature added is something you asked for.

Program Features

  • Sales Record Data Entry
  • Customer Maintenance
  • Customer Contacts Maintenance
  • Visit Reports
  • Lead Entry
  • Products Information
  • Sales Opportunities / Products and lane tracking
  • Action Items
    • Track who is working on what
    • Open tasks
    • Deadlines
    • Comment conversation threads
    • Reporting
  • Dashboards
    • Statistics
    • Graphic visuals using Highcharts controls
    • User active items “inbox” with filters
  • Robust Search and Reporting
  • Sales Campaign Maintenance
  • PDF outputs
  • Excel outputs
  • User Permissions
    • Branch Access
    • Country Access
    • Special Access
  • Attachments
  • Mobile Site