ECAS Credit Application Software is an ASP.NET web application that was custom built 15 years ago to enter credit applications and track them as they moved from one approval station to another (work flow). It started as a small custom application and over the years many new features and upgrades have been added. It has now become a powerful tool that does way more than what it was originally developed for.

Our most recent upgrade to their system was the introduction of Credit Application Auto Approval and Credit Application Auto Renewal . An application that used to take days or weeks to process can now be created, processed and approved within minutes. It’s features like this that excite us about the work we get to do with our clients.

Program Features

  • Credit Application Entry
  • Integration with Dun & Bradstreet XML toolkit
  • Risk Assessment Calculators
  • Balance Sheet Entry
  • Profit and Loss Entry
  • Credit Insurance Policy Management
  • Customer Management
  • Daily Data Feed Updates
  • Exchange Rate Management
  • Credit Application Auto Approval AI
  • Credit Application Auto Renewal AI
  • Auto Generation of Renewal Credit Applications
  • Conditional Credit Approval System
  • Robust Search and Reporting Systems
  • News Section
  • Expiring Credit Lines Notifications
  • Ratings Change Alerts for Moody’s, Standard & Poor’s, Dun & Bradstreet, etc.
  • Alerts and Notifications System for Important Credit Info Changes
  • Windows Active Directory Login Features (No Passwords Needed In-Network)
  • Email Notification Systems